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Mehndi Art By April

Welcome to my Henna website. I am a Mehndi body painter located in Portland, Oregon. My website is dedicated to providing you with information about the acient art of Mehndi quickly and easily. Enjoy! Keep coming back, site will be updated daily. Soon to come will be pictures of my designs.

Contact Information

If you would like some artwork done give me a call at (503)819-2117 or email me at I can do individuals or large groups (Henna parties). My rates are $30.00 an hour or by individual design that I have. They start at $1.00, or choose your own design.

Where to get quality Henna

Mehndi Mud
Supplier of premade and powder Henna
Castle Art
Another excellent source of Henna supplies


The best recipe for Henna I have seen yet

In saucepan Boil the following:
2 tea bags (black tea)
2 tsp coffee
1 tsp ground clove
10-15 whole cloves
3/4 pint of water
2 tsp Tamarind paste
After you let this boil for a few minutes let simmer for an hour. 
After that pour through strainer. Let sit a few minutes to cool down.
Place your fresh sifted Henna in small bowl and add a few drops of 
Eucaliptis oil. Then add your saucepan mix using only enough to make
the paste as thick as chocolate sauce, others say as thick as toothpaste 
but I like mine thinner. Stir very well and let stand overnight. 
In the morning it will be ready to use.
I have found this recipe to make the darkest stain yet.